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400 delegates made ISEM2019 a great success

Ecological Modelling is a dynamic and growing field. Never before, an ISEM conference has attracted as many participants as ISEM2019 in Salzburg. With some impressions from four inspiring conference days, the Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg wishes all delegates a safe trip home!

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Getting ready for #ISEM2019

400 delegates are currently getting on their way to the International Conference on Ecological Modelling 2019 in Salzburg. Here is, how you can make the most out of it: Come to Salzburg and register on-site, if you haven't so far Sign up for a workshop on Tuesday, October 1. Registration is still open. Download Elsevier's [...]

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Sparkling ideas for ABM Theory development

In July I was invited to a workshop on Agent-based Theory development in Hannover. Reading the participants list felt like the who-is-who in Agent-based modelling. I was super-excited about the event: ABM theory and methods development is my core interest and well - arguably there aren't too many people, who share this weird passion. The [...]

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773 abstracts received! Ecological Modelling Conference, Salzburg

We have received an overwhelming interest for the ISEM 2019 conference, with an increase of submitted abstracts by more than 70%. Under the theme eco:model:spaces this year's ISEM is hosted by the Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg from 1.-5. October 2019. We now proceed with compiling the programme, for which [...]

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Robots as embedded agents: Highlight Thesis 2018

The Master Thesis of Veronika Priesner on robots as embedded agents was selected to be the Master-Thesis Highlight 2018 of the Applied Geoinformatics MSc study program in Salzburg. Quoting the upcoming Z_GIS Annual Report 2018 that will be published soon: "Robots quickly infiltrate our daily lives. Examples are vacuum cleaners and mowing robots as well [...]

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Impressive PhD Defense: Congrats Dr. Francis Oloo!

Integrating sensor-streams into agent-based models (ABM) is like trying to fit circles into a triangular hole. However, it is becoming ever more relevant in today's technical realities of data streams that are embedded virtually everywhere. Some of the wicked problems that Francis had to tackle were: How to utilise the inceasing wealth of data in [...]

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Ecological Modelling Global Conference – ISEM 2019

Salzburg, 1. – 5. Oct. 2019. The department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg is proud to host the biennual, Global Conference on Ecological Modelling ISEM 2019! Under the motto eco:model:spaces, spatially explicit modelling will be a spotlight topic of the conference. We are currently looking for Symposia (deadline 22. February 2019) [...]

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Winter School 2019 “Spatial Simulation Modelling”

13. – 22. February 2019, Salzburg You have complex problems to solve, but have not yet worked with spatial simulation modelling? In this winter school, you will get hands-on experience with the concepts and methods of spatially-explicit agent-based modelling to explore complex systems. Models will target and integrate a range of domains and application areas [...]

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Simulations predict the break-down of Central European lynx populations

We congratulate co-author Jonas Schultze-Naumburg, member of the Spatial Simulation research group, on his brand-new paper in the journal Biological Conservation! By the means of a spatially explicit simulation model the paper helps to understand the drivers behind the observed, stagnating lynx population dynamics in Central Europe. Sadly, the share of poached animals is shown to [...]

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Research retreat: Spatial Simulation goes GitHub

Last Friday, the Z_GIS Spatial Simulation group had its first research retreat. The iDEAS:lab was a perfect location to achieve the goal of the day: to set aside our daily tasks and fully concentrate on the long-term group objectives. We started off with exploring GitHub as our new central collaboration and outreach platform: Over [...]

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